The garage door is an important component of a home’s curb appeal and, if not properly maintained, can contribute to wear and tear that leads to costly repairs. To help ensure the door is in good condition, hire a garage door company to inspect the components and perform maintenance. The company may also install new tracks and rollers, replace broken springs, adjust the opener’s motor, and clean and paint the door. The company can also provide repair services for commercial doors that improve security and efficiency and increase customer traffic.

A wide variety of materials and finishes are available, with energy-efficient options that reduce utility bills. Most companies offer steel, aluminum, and wood doors in multiple constructions, sizes, and colors. Some feature decorative window styles and hardware, while others have sleek, contemporary designs. Many doors can be custom ordered, with a choice of color, finish, and insulation level.

Typically, the first step in selecting a new door Top Fix Service Richmond Hill is to measure the opening for the installation. A professional will then take detailed measurements to determine the size of the replacement and ensure proper fit. Most companies require the old door to be removed for the installation. New doors should include all necessary parts, including a track and rollers. Some garage doors have a “sandwich” construction, with a thick-gauge steel outer skin and a core of polystyrene or polyurethane that provides an R-value of up to 10.

An affordable option is a fiberglass door, which costs less than half as much as a solid wood door with similar insulation. Fiberglass doors are easy to maintain, with just the occasional washing. Wood doors need periodic refinishing or repainting to prevent rot and warping. Solid-core wood doors have a traditional look that can enhance the appearance of most homes.

Solid-core wood doors are heavier than other types of residential garage doors, but they are extremely durable and aesthetically appealing. These doors require regular maintenance, and a professional should inspect the woodwork and hinges for damage every year.

A popular choice is a glass door, which allows natural light to flood the garage and living space. Choose from clear, frosted, or opaque single- or double-pane panels. Some models have rustproof aluminum frames, while others have a wood-clad or composite frame. A glass-door unit can be insulated to enhance energy efficiency, and most companies also offer wind load-rated storm panels that make the door safer during hurricane season.

Whether a homeowner chooses a garage door made of wood, metal, or fiberglass, it is an investment that can dramatically improve curb appeal and increase the value of a property. Research shows that the cost of a new garage door is often recouped during resale. The best garage door companies will have a wide selection of options, from basic frames and panels to elaborate segmented designs and intricate details. The best manufacturers of residential and commercial garage doors are known for their commitment to quality and product ingenuity.